About Me

I'm Abby, 22 years old, grew up at Taipei.

I've studied for some months in the tropical state Singapore, and have lived in Italy for eight months,

studying Arts and Movie Theories. Now I'm back to Taiwan doing some online marketing job,

and at the same time keep writing for several magazines' columns.

My interests lay out in quite big varieties: Travel / Writing / Illustration / Life Style / Culture Observation / Music /

Culinary / Art / Movie / Photography / Flute / Books / Dj ...

and that's why this personal site seems so big boned, like making collage art, puzzling out, combing and tearing apart

those urban debris.. details and atmosphere in daily life.

 Wish you to  have a happy and light journey visiting my blog, and if you want,

leave one or two comments to me, maybe we can inspire each other for some great thoughts and ideas!